Please help us!


It was an unexpected hit that Corna will affect us this way. We are planning our show on the day of April 24th at first. Then, there was a call from the theatre. “We are sorry to inform you, but our place has appointed as the Corona vaccination site.”

we have small video clip if you read until the end.

So, we call around, run around and stumble around to find another theatre. Finally, and fortunately, we could reserve Edo-Tokyo museum, but on 25th of April.

In order to postpone our show, only one day, we had to ask so many people to change their schedule. Also, We had to cancel or extend the lease of Kabuki item and storage.

Now, we are asking your support. Please visit the link below and support us to make our Children Kabuki a big success!!

Please enjoy many photo clips from our practice. Our kids really enjoy traditional Japanese Art. And, I think that is a wonderful thing.
Then, click red bar below the JPY of your choice.

Next, you will see screen as below. Please make a check mark on the choice of your support. you can also make multi donation with increasing the number below the “JPY”.
For example, if you chose 5000 yen and change number on box below to ”2″, then you donate 10000 yen. Please note, that this site charges basic system use fee.

The BOX below is the number of ticket you need. We are happy to have you as our guest. But, if you are unable to come to enjoy our show, please leave this box blank.

If you go to bottom of the page, you will find something like below. If you are in Japan, you can use convenience store payment, PayPal, or paypay etc,. Anyhow, the first tub is a credit-card.

As you know, there are some return gift for your support.

500yen, We will share some photo clip with you.
2000yen, this is for the person who can come to enjoy our show on site. We will offer you one ticket /2000 yen donation.
5000yen, We will send you the pdf of brosure of our show and report for our practice.
10000 yen, We will send you the secure link to our show and practice clip.
50000yen, We will offer you the complete movie for our show with secure link.

Only practice make us better!

Thank you very much for watching and your warm support.